The Orange Tip

Month: March, 2012

Indoor Pot

During the colder months I keep a large indoor pot planted up with bulbs I’ve forced and grown on in the greenhouse. It’s situated in a sunny spot in the kitchen for the owners to enjoy while little vibrant colour is on offer outside. The pot composition has been a work in progress; my initial attempts being pretty poor..

Here is the latest incarnation.


Rainy Shed Day

It’s been a heavy couple of months with very little space to take time away from the garden. I was therefore grateful in numerous ways for an unexpected day’s solid rain from morning to evening a couple of weeks ago. With some elm logs burning slowly in the stove for tea and warmth I settled into enjoying a slower pace for the day.

One Long Root

Alkanet is a wild flower of great value in the right place, but a horror where it’s not wanted..


Summer 2011

During my time at the Old Vicarage I have been keeping a regular Diary. It’s a first for me as I’m not that good at it but somehow this time I’m keeping up, bar a few days here and there. As there is a substantial crossover between blog and diary, I thought I’d include some sections (mostly pictorially orientated) from the notebooks.

These are some from last Summer.

The March Marathon

As is typical for most gardeners, March is much less of an ease into Spring as it is a fraught rush through the last of the Winter bulk jobs. There are wonderful signs all around however, that indicate the season of rebirth and intense colour has begun, and we’re midway through the age old procession of common bulb blooms; from crocuses all the way to alliums. I’ve watched the snowdrops and aconites fade, giving way to anemones, daffodils and Iris’. The tulips are now waving with full heads in the wind and soon there’ll be fritillaries in the woodland glade. Further steps in the succession of Spring bulbs will bring muscari, cammasias and bluebells, and this reliable story told annually through the specific make up of these flowers is unlike any other I can think of in the calendar.

But returning to the tasks at hand, and with an improvised deadline of Easter Sunday, I have still yet to finish the pond and the car park beds. These are both areas of the garden I have not spent a great deal of time working in, and I am determined to have them up to scratch and looking their best by the holiday.  The race continues..










20120318-172239.jpgg muscari, cammasias







Promising Signs


A relief to see the tips of the species daffodils, tulips and alliums popping up through the picking beds, right where they should be! It’s always a little unnerving after a late Autumn planting and long Winter’s waiting to see if the bulbs made it through. So many worrying potentials such as squirrels, rot and frost. It’s satisfying when the lines come up roughly straight too..