Ivy Cities: A garden journal comprising a selection of diary entries, photographs and notes over the period October 2010 – April 2014.


During my time at the garden in Richmond I’ve recorded notes, thoughts and reflections on this blog. However I’ve also been keeping a physical diary. Spanning the five years I’ve spent developing the grounds, numerous notebooks have been (almost) daily filled, with not just the mechanical day-to-day lists and reminders of a working garden, but with observations that recount everything else that comes with working in an outdoor, and often wild environment.

In late 2015, I spent some time putting together a journal which I’ve named ‘Ivy Cities’. The journal comprises diary entries, photographs and workings selected from my notebooks and serves to preserve, in a small way, some of the memories and experiences that went with caring for this wonderful garden.


Ivy Cities has had a limited print-run and copies are available for order. I ask for a donation of £10 per copy, which covers printing and postage. Please contact me at: for orders and further information.

‘His relationship with wildlife is respectful and warming. Here is a gentle reminder that there are many, many small worlds out there, which keep on keeping on whether we notice them or not.’ – Caught By The River, 2016